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Meet Alyssa!


Alyssa Gillespie is a skilled natural body worker with a deep and diverse knowledge of many modalities of healing. An integrative specialist, she brings your Spirit and Body into the alignment it was originally designed for.  


Alyssa graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1995, the New Mexico Classical Homeopathy College in 2003 and has been studying the science of bodies for over 25 years. Her experience with Nutritional Sciences, Alternative Therapies and Holistic health, provides a thorough foundation in energetic health and vitality. As a Core Synchronism level 7 practitioner Alyssa knows that when a rich environment is created, bodies are capable of generation, and regeneration, beyond anything words can convey.


Working with people of all ages, Alyssa assists souls by aligning the etheric nervous system, which gives them the potency they need to transition from one life stage to the next with total ease. She  is the co-developer of Core Synchronism for the Childbearing Year, a Core therapy specialization dedicated to both Mother and Child through the birthing process. 


Alyssa specializes in major, transitional life events.  Whether an accident, sports injury, or childhood scarring, either physical or emotional or the loss of a loved one, Alyssa offers relief to bodies that have not healed.


Alyssa currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her three children.

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