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Alyssa GIllespie
1435 Yarmouth Ave Suite 101
Boulder, CO 80304
Text to 414-331-9991

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Alyssa's practice is now open to New Patients.  


"It is my pleasure to help you find the most joyful ways to heal and accomplish your goals." -Alyssa Gillespie


Alyssa's schedule is opening up for new clients. 
Hours of Availability and Appointment Availability


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday    9:15am   10:45am  12:15pm   1:45pm   3:15pm


Thursday    2:15pm    3:30pm   4:45pm 


There is a 48 cancellation policy. Text & Email reminders are available. 

Adult sessions are $225.00 per session for 60 Minutes. 


Payments are made when scheduling. 

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