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Alyssa has developed special programs or understandings of working with certain groups of people. A combination of the many times she has worked with these clients and their high need or receptivity make Core Synchronism an ideal pathway to healing and wholeness.

Working with Teenagers –  Teenagers bodies are growing fast.  Their physical frames, are changing quickly.  Their bones, ligaments and muscles are also growing sometimes beyond  the mind's ability to keep pace.


Their brains are being flooded with hormones and new information physically, emotionally and culturally.  A teen's brain is processing as much new information about their changing world as a newborn to two year old.


During what can seem like very turbulent times, teens are actually wiring their brains for joy, health and peace.  Or they are setting up negative patterns that may inhibit their fulfillment.  


Core Syncohronism changes the anxiety level by relaxing the mind and the body,  allowing for honesty to rise in place of fear or uncertainty.  Core helps teenagers feel more at home in their bodies, in their physical frames.  When they feel at home in their bodies, it is easier for them to find peace, and purpose, in their lives.

Athletes, Dancers, Yogi’s - Core Synchronism works wonderfully with people aware of,  and in touch, with their physical frames.   Flexbility and strength are improved.  Injuries, from accident or epetitive movement, heal more quickly, and resist further damage.


Using the analogy of the human skeletal structure to that of an intricate, and powerful, when balanced, clock,  the gears of the body  -  the bones, muscles and ligaments -   work together in a delicate and yet amazingly powerful system. 


One gear out of place however, through injury or weakness or imbalance, can reduce the rhythm, and power, of the system as a whole.


Core Synchronism can find even the subtle physical, and sometimes emotional,  imbalances that create inflammation and pain.  A trained core practitioner can gently float that piece back into balance.

Conscious Divorce or Separation - Life changes often are accompanied by confusion, negative emotions and a feeling of being completely lost.  In any long term relationship, the partners become enmeshed.  Shared years and experiences, can blur the lines between individuals.  Many times the anger or frustration being expressed does not even belong to the person expressing.  The male and female etheric, emotional bodies have become glummed together in a confusing, exhaustiing question of who am I now.


As partners struggle to find their own way, arguments and fighting sometimes becomes a way of staying connected.  The fighting fuels the turbulence.


Core Synchronism creates a safe place to begin to reconnect with your own soul’s journey.  To find a way to separate.  To recognize what is theirs to own. To change. To accept.

Core Synchronism for the Childbearing Year - A year just for the baby and the mother. 


Core Synch for pregnancy can help to relieve morning sickness, back pain, and fatigue.  By aligning the hips, actual time in labor is shortened.  Some times to as lilttle as 3-5 hours.


Circulatory and energetic pathways are re-opened, allowing for a profound state of relaxation – the vital environment in which healing occurs.  The body integrates these corrections for hours and even days after the Core treatment, so healing continues long after the treatment is finished.




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