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Alyssa is truly a miracle worker.  Under her care, I have had stubborn headaches and strained muscles vanish, I have watched friends and family members find relief from problems both chronic and acute.  Honestly, I don’t know how she does it.  I know it is called Core Synchronism, but what Alyssa does is much deeper than any label.

To me her table is a sanctuary and her work is about freedom.  She is gifted with profound intuition, and knows just how to shift what is stuck — both physically and emotionally —  bringing ease and flow back.  She has transformed things in my life that no one else could touch.  Alyssa is at the very top of my list of people to call when I am scraping bottom.  I recommend her without reservations.  Prepare to be amazed!”
                                                                                                       Fiona Theodoredis

"Alyssa Gillespie is a rare jewel. She is an intuitive, gifted healer, with profound sensitivities. In fact, it is difficult to put into words the extraordinary nature of Alyssa's divine modality of treatmetn. As she taps into my field of energy and my soulful essence, she guides me to know my highest truth during the times I am confused and challenged. I am always strengthened and elevated consciously when I work with Alyssa. She helps balance imbalances and open what is closed. She is truth"

                                                                                                                                               Lee Ann Dzelzkalns


I really wasn’t sure what to expect meeting Alyssa and in my treatment.  She was recommended to me by several people who I respect.  Her session with me was very gentle and easy, no stress. She asked me a few questions and then began to “read” my body for messages that it would give me about what is up for me in my life, how to move forward in my life around key issues and opportunities.


 As she worked on my body, I felt energy moving throughout my body in different ways.  She kept reading signals and the conversation became very deep and meaningful as she and I gathered more data and insight, whether it be about physical or emotional issues, I felt her insight was spot on, and extremely helpful and meaningful.  I have been working on the ideas she shared with me for several weeks now and I'm still reaping the benefits of the session.


I would highly recommend this work with her, she is a joy to work with and a truly gifted professional. 


                                                                                                                         Tony D

I broke my neck and back years ago in a ski lift accident. I have seen many regular MD's, surgeons, chiropractors, acupuncturists,  Rolfers, and other body workers trying to find a way to live with the pain.  No one provided the relief and healing that Alyssa did in just two sessions.   The daily discomfort, that I had no longer thought of as pain having lived with it so long, disappeared.  Day to day living is better.  Breathing is easier.  The energy that was going to pain management, I can now focus on my work and my family and my dreams.


Arriving at Alyssa’s office, I am busy; my mind racing with all the stories I’d been using to forget the truth of who I truly am: the dilemma of raising teenagers, the county home I’d moved to and its new set of joys and challenges; the issues surfacing with people I work for and with; and then, my body – a band of tenderness had settled in and made itself known in my mid-back, last month’s PMS symptoms were extreme to say the least, and I was having difficulty breathing, the body’s demand to stop smoking tobacco, something I didn’t think I could do.


As I lay on the table, she vibrates a gong to signal the start of the session.    She invites me to put words to the stuff rolling around upstairs.   I’m not exactly sure what she is doing as I am talking, but I feel my hips begin to loosen as she gently pulses energy into my knees. And when   she cradles my neck and head, my body breathes fully for the first time in days. My shoulders, which I hadn’t even realized were tense, soften, open, and expand.

When she begins touching my head, I experience a rush of energy throughout my entire body, a signal to me that body and being are, once again, together.


Before closing our time, she holds my feet and I feel her walking me out of the energetic grave I had wound up in.  She helps me discover that the willingness to go into the dark places so many dare not go is actually a strength and a gift. She leads me into a new possibility and together we step into it.


                                                                                              Thank you, D

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